Re: The status of Maps right now

As of recently GNOME Maps can no longer fetch tiles to display. This
is because MapQuest,
which we use as a tile provider, changed its usage policy[1].
And we are no longer able to use the service without paying. We have
as of know no clear alternative.

We _could_ switch to OpenStreetMap own tile servers, see patches in
bug[2]. But we would probably
violate the terms of service[3]. Unless we, as GNOME, could argue we
should be allowed.

Oh dread, I didn't know that - that's some annoying news indeed.

This all brings me to a general status report for Maps. I have been
absent from the project lately.
The reason is lack of time and motivation. Day Job and family have
been  taken front seat for awhile.
Marcus, Andreas, Amisha and the rest of the team have been keeping up
with some things. But we
no-one have been making releases.

IMHO this is your spare time, you are very much allowed to dedicate as
much time to it as you want to, life changes, interests change etc. :)

I will need some help. Help with contacting OpenStreetMap. Help with
finding solution to our tile
issue. I think we are going to need our own for a map
to be feasible.

I would also be very much interested in getting this sorted out since I
was about to merge some libchamplain-based geotag overview into Shotwell :(

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