Re: Build sheriffs for GNOME


On 22 January 2016 at 13:03, Simon McVittie
<simon mcvittie collabora co uk> wrote:
On 21/01/16 14:54, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
In short, I want to ensure that GNOME maintainers become
a bit more proactive in giving a crap about their modules breaking on
something that is not their own computers.

Is there a way in which contributors/maintainers can reproduce something
equivalent to what Continuous would build (or a large enough subset of
the dependency stack to reach their packages), in a local virtual
machine where they can debug issues interactively?

Continuous generates VM images that you can easily install inside
Boxes, and keep them updated (they are based on OSTree and allow
atomic updates).

The latest successfully built image is always at:

On build failures you get the full log and environment of what was
built and how:

If you want to, you can also run gnome-continuous on your local


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