Re: Needed information about Music, Notes, Calendar, Todo

Le 23/02/2016 16:07, Diogo Campos a écrit :

These information will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you :)


thanks for the interest you're showing up.

About GNOME Notes, below is a first reply. Obviously other GNOME contributors are free to join in and fix wrong or subjective assertions.

So, there is interest in 1 additional person working on it.
Or more ;)

Most missing function today is development.
- Fixing bugs, either small ones or migrating from WebkitGtk, would be appreciated - Keeping track of infra improvements (GtkShortcutWindow, deprecated func, maybe sandboxing requirements to appear,...)
- Or adding requested features, for example IMAP

So development panel is rather large, from student/amateur to advanced.

About the language, and roadmap, referring to is nice.

Currently the project health is not that bad in the sense it builds and I receive help from time to time for some fixes. But there was no evolution from months. For example, there are 3.20 targets bugs
which are not fixed.

There is no paid dev (this does not include devs which are paid for other tasks and who did help here and there).
So, I am the maintainer but miss time.

Hope you will find above the information you look for,
feel free to request some more


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