Adding GNOME Games and its dependencies to GNOME infrasructure

I would like to have GNOME Games[1] and its dependencies moved from my GitHub account to the GNOME infrastructure.

Games is a GNOME 3 application allowing your to easily browse the video games available on your machine and to play them. You can imagine it as the GNOME Music of games.

Games depends on retro-gobject[2] and retro-gtk[3] to support old video game consoles. Support for Game Boy[4], NES[5], SNES[6] and PCE[7] are available as plugins for retro-gobject and are not required for Games, retro-gobject or retro-gtk to compile and to work.

Please note that currently the plugins are barely wrapping other repos hosted on GitHub, is it problematic in any way?

Currently all these projects use GitHub for tarball hosting, source control and bug tracking, but I would prefer to use GNOME FTP, GNOME Git and GNOME bugzilla instead.

All these project are licensed either under GPLv3 or under GPLv2+.

If any info is missing are I missed some important steps in the precedure to get new modules accepted please tell me.

Adrien Plazas


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