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For the coala part, just drop by at so we can guide you to
everything we/you need. We have newcomer issues at
. For the Builder part, please sync up with Christian Hergert (who
will soon respond too I guess.)


2016-02-19 14:01 GMT+01:00 Amate Yolande <yolandeamate gmail com>:

My name is Amate Yolande a second year computer science student from
the University of Buea, Cameroon. I proficient in C, C++ and Python
programming languages. I am new to open source and would like
contribute to Gnome, and also participate in Outreach/Google summer of
code 2016. I am interested in working on the project  " Add simple
python plugin interface to Builder ".

I have successfully compiled and installed Coala and GNOME Builder on
Fedora 23. I am presently studying their code bases and looking
forward to working on some starting issues (Coala and GNOME Builder),
and I would be glad to get some pointer to some issues that would give
me better understanding  of the above mentioned project.

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