Re: 3.20 target bugs

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 4:35 AM, Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
While we are still waiting for 3.19.90 to appear, here is an initial
review of the bugs that have been marked as "GNOME target: 3.20"
during this cycle. Since this is the first review, the list is
somewhat long, and a bit of a mixed bag, I expect us to narrow it down
for .91. In any case, all these bugs are well worth fixing, and if you
can get one of the off the list, you will make 3.20 a better release.

Please help out if you can!

Matthias, for the release team

Crashes & serious misbehavior

761613     mutter     crash with xwayland glamor
761157     libsecret     libsecret-0.18.4 seems to crash gnome-shell
755721     glib         g_inotify_file_monitor_start called with
nullpointer for dirname causes a segfault
761175     librsvg     Svg rendering regression from commit 3ae509 onwards
750508     gnome-session     Logout is broken (a) when session
inhibitor is active and (b) after logout is canceled once
761317     gnome-settings-daemon     housekeeping: /tmp/.X11-unix/X0
socket gets removed during housecleaning

I'd like to add 758073 (cogl: winsys-egl-kms: bypass initial output setup if kms fd passed in) to this list. The patch in that bug was committed, and it's causing crashes to various people on Intel and Nouveau. It needs to be reverted.



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