Re: GNOME 3.23.3 released

On Thu, 2016-12-15 at 21:08 +0100, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:
 - gspell (1.2.1 => 1.3.1) (*)
(*) No summarized news available

There is a bug in the code that extracts the news, because I've
the NEWS file as always:

So, there is basic support of spell-checking for GtkEntry. Something
that was missing from GNOME during the whole lifetime of GTK+ 3 :-)

Yeah, the script isn't smart enough to handle branchings so it misses
news updates quite often. In this case 1.2.1 was the last release, and
the script didn't find 1.2.1 in your NEWS file because that release was
made on a sidebranch, so it gave up. No doubt this could be improved,
but in the meantime if you want to be sure your NEWS will show up you
have to copy the NEWS entries from the sidebranch to master as a
workaround. Arguably that results in more-readable NEWS anyway, but
it's harder for maintainers and I don't bother to do so personally.


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