Online Services API Keys

in the light of
which is still missing the Google keys used by the evolution-data-
server (it's my fault).

I'm wondering how to avoid The Bus Factor for the keys. It doesn't
matter how many individuals would have access to the keys (you still
want to keep that quite low after all), as long as they are the

Having there a (central?) entity with the access to the keys settings
might be better, because, well, the entity would be independent of any

I know there are pros and cons for both ways of doing it, as you surely
want someone trustworthy to have access to the keys, not some random
guy, thus the entity might be the board, or the sys admins, or...

This email is meant as a question what others think and also a possible
place to give pointers and so on for the process to get into the state
where The Bus Factor will be completely avoided (or at least as much as
        Thanks and bye,

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