Re: Github's pull requests and GNOME

On 29/11/16 10:00 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:

Finally the GNOME Infrastructure Team is going to introduce a daily
cronjob (first run is scheduled next week, enough time for collecting
excludes) that will close all the pull requests for each repository
hosted under the GNOME organization umbrella. The closure message will
look like this:

How does one mark the PR as "don't close" ? I was working with a new
contributor in a PR that I would have taken to merge the usual
non-github way. But now the cronjob has closed it. Can't reopen it...

This is the PR:

Maybe the cronjob should check whether there was activity from more than
one person and act on that.

If you don't want the script to actually run against any of your
maintained products, modules, components please drop me an e-mail and
I'll make sure proper excludes will be set.

Given that I'm not the official maintainer at all for the module. Just
MITMing contributions...
Can we have it reopen? Can I be granted permissions to do so ? (username
on github is @hfiguiere)



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