gnome personalisation

Dear gnome developers,

Dear gnome team

I have been a happy and most contented user of gnome for many years by
now. I am, however, wondering and a little startled to find that
personalisation seem to play an ever lesser role of the gnome desktop gui.

I sit here with unnecessarily gigantic icons and without the chance to
personalise the taskbar. Sometimes I open programmes (such as skype) and
when I close them, they vanish from sight but I keep getting popup
messages. It was great to have access to the taskbar and simply embed
the programmes there. Why was this option removed?

I am seriously wondering what the (general) inaccessibility is aiming
at. What purpose does that serve?

As a rather simple user, I want to be in charge of what my screen looks
like and I most certainly want to be able to personalise the whole
thing. These to me are the spirit and essence of linux.

Maybe, have really failed to find out those options and I would welcome
any suggestions or options relating to this.

Keep up the good work and continue in the spirit of linux which stands
for transparency, usability and accessability. It would be wonderful to
have those features back!

Kind regards,

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