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Hi Emmanuele,

Thanks for your answer.
I have still to review the doc on the wiki, and I'll go...


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Apart from renaming source files, components, built binaries, etc. what is the process
to rename a project regarding ? I have not yet tried, but I may suppose
that top-level directory (aka project) creation is not opened to anyone ?

The usual process would be for you to create a new repository, called
file-manager-actions, and push the current contents of the
nautilus-actions repositories there; this will preserve the history,
and will allow people to keep pointing to the nautilus-actions
repository. At that point, you can replace all the contents of the
nautilus-actions repository with a README that points to the new
repository, or you can decide to leave the repository as it is, and
just add a deprecation notice in the existing README file.

After that, you can ask one of the system administrators to move the
nautilus-actions repository to the "attic", so that it's clear that
the old repository has been deprecated.


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