Re: gnome-photos in jhbuild


On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 08:49:02PM -0500, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
I tried to build gnome-photos today and noticed it is broken in jhbuild
on Fedora.


gnome-photos depends on dleyna-renderer, which in jhbuild is
provided by pkgconfig(dleyna-renderer-service-1.0), but this .pc file
is deleted in the Fedora spec file since it's apparently only for use
of the dleyna daemon (which raises the question why it exists at all).

Yeah, that *.pc file is dubious. Something to take up with the
upstream dLeyna maintainers.

Anyway, this means any attempt to 'jhbuild build gnome-photos' will
always fail due to missing dleyna-renderer. Not sure what we should do
about this. Does photos really need dleyna-renderer, or is this a

The dependency is purely run-time, and it shouldn't explode if the
service is missing. We use gdbus-codegen to build the client-side
proxy and stub API, so there is no check in either.


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