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On 29/11/15 22:29, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
On Sun, 2015-11-29 at 20:29 +0000, Ikey Doherty wrote:

Are extra hands needed with file-roller?


In general, hands are always welcome anywhere in GNOME! :)

Right now there are two serious issues that I'm aware of. Bug #748428
is one of GNOME's most visible design issues, and we need to fix it,
preferably prior to 3.20. It should be a fairly easy project, but it
requires some significant changes. The other one is bug #752478, which
I see now has a patch, so I'm going to go ahead and mark that as

If there are some mockups we can work from, it's something we can
put some time into on our end :) Don't wanna see something we use
so much go to waste.

Bug #730291 is pretty bad too, but only affects users of non-GNOME
environments. Is it an issue for Budgie?

Not currently, we've been making steps to deepen the integration
of Budgie (using gnome-session + gdm soon too, so apps will all
think they're running in GNOME anyway)

Also serious is that there are 39 unreviewed patches, including many
that are several years old. It looks like nobody has been watching the
Bugzilla review queue for a very long time. Reviewing patches or
marking old patches as obsolete would be helpful.

Certainly. It's part of our core install and we don't wanna see it
go to waste, as I said :]

- ikey

Last release is 3.16.4 in September, and
there's nothing for 3.18 series.


- ikey

Thanks for pointing this out. I think Paolo probably has not done a new
release simply because there aren't many recent changes.

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