Re: Search for developer for payed development

On Mon, 2015-11-16 at 11:30 +0100, Bart Mariën wrote:
Hi All,

I had some response to this request. As there don't seem to be any
specific rules against job posting; here we go:

We are a non profit. We use debian/gnome for a dedicated distance
learning tool. 
We have about 600 units installed and scaling up towards 1200. Have a
look on our website, it's actually pretty cool what we do :) www.bedn

The learning tool is basically a customized video conferencing app.

We heavily rely on Pulse audio to configure audio devices . In our
current setup we get quite some support(helpdesk requests) related to
configurations of audio devices that use a combined mini-jack for
microphone and headphone. Especially new laptops nowadays have one
combined port instead of two separate.

That's this bug:

Which is currently waiting on designer help as to how to do the
integration into gnome-shell. The gnome-setting-daemon integration is
probably trivial to merge, the hard part is going to be the interaction
with the user, as well as getting some hardware to test all this.


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