Re: Getting error in ./configure of gnome-terminal

On Sun, 2015-06-21 at 19:04 +0300, Kevin Wilson wrote:
When running ./configure on gnome-terminal from Feodra 22 (gnome
I am getting this error:

checking for NONE/share/dbus-1/interfaces/org.gnome.ShellSe
archProvider2.xml... no
configure: error: gnome-shell search provider requested but
interface definition file not found

Any ideas ?


It seems that you ran "./configure --with-dbus-interface-dir=NONE" or
some equivalent. You asked configure to look for interface files in a
directory that doesn't exist, so configure failed and printed an error.

If your goal is to build gnome-terminal-3.16.2 without using
gnome-shell's SearchProvider interface, the correct command is
"./configure --disable-search-provider".

In general, if you want to figure out why configure is failing or doing
something unexpected, start by reading the file. Writing
or modifying a can be rather tricky due to idiosyncrasies
of m4sh syntax, but reading the of modern gnome projects
is usually very straight-forward.

And if you do want to patch or write a new autotools-based
build system for a new project, is a
good introduction to the subject.

Alexandre Rostovtsev.

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