Welcome Interns

Hi all,

GNOME accepted 24 Google Summer of Code interns and one Outreachy
intern! Additionally, one student submitted the same proposal with
GNOME and with the Mono Project to work on Banshee, and was accepted
by the Mono Project. All the interns made a contribution to the
project they were applying to work on and connected with their mentors
during the application process. We are thrilled to have these talented
and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer
working on GNOME! Thanks to Google and the GNOME Foundation for making
these internships possible!

Thank you to all the mentors who helped the applicants along the way
and will guide the participants this summer! We are especially glad to
have five mentors who have previously participated in GSoC with GNOME
as students - Sebastian Dröge, Izidor Matušov, Tobias Mueller, Lasse
Schuirmann, and Carlos Soriano! Everyone, please help out mentors from
your project by also helping the participants when possible.

Please feel free to arrange to meet with interns from your town for
beer, juice, and/or hacking! (Interns, please feel free to reply with
an update if you are in a different city this summer.)

Below is the list of all the interns’, their projects and their
mentors. You can learn more about the Google Summer of Code projects
at https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreach/SummerOfCode/2015/Projects. The
interns have already started blogging about their work on Planet GNOME
and will continue throughout the summer.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the interns!
Lasse, on behalf of GSoC and Outreachy admins


= Android/GNOME Interoperability =

Ronan Timinello (flyingrub) - "Android/Gnome synergy : Creating a real
interaction between PC and Phone"
Location: Montpellier, France
Mentor: Andrea Curtoni
Blog: http://flyingrub.github.io/

Ankit (ankitstarski) - "Make use of phone as a GPS device (AKA GPS sharing)"
Location: Srinagar/Jammu, India
Mentor: Zaashan Ali Khattak
Blog: http://codeankit.me/

= ATK =

Magdalen Berns (magpie) - "Develop The Java ATK Wrapper"
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Mentor: Federico Mena Quintero
Blog: http://thismagpie.com/

= Banshee =

Stephan Sunderman (ssundermann) - "Improve Banshee’s Mac OSX support
and revamp the UI"
Location: Berlin, Germany
Mentor: David Nielsen
Blog: http://dllimport.eu/

(with Mono)
Andres G. Aragoneses (knocte) - "Get Banshee v3.0 final version out the door"
Location: Madrid, Spain
Mentor: David Nielsen
Blog: http://knocte.blogspot.com/

= Boxes =

Adrien Plazas (Kekun) - "Boxes: Hardening Sprint, GtkAssistant and
MIME-types Integration"
Location: Montpellier, France
Mentor: Zeeshan Ali Khattak
Blog: http://bytesgnomeschozo.blogspot.fr/

= coala =

Abdeali J Kothari (AbdealiJK) - "Gedit code-analysis plugin using coala"
Location: Chennai/Bangalore, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann
Blog: https://abdealijk.wordpress.com/

Udayan Tandon (udayan12167) - "GNOME GUI for coala"
Location: Delhi/Bangalore, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann
Blog: https://udayantandon.wordpress.com/

= Clocks =

Saurabh Patel (saurabh_P) - "Clocks Redesign"
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Mentor: Lasse Schuirmann
Blog: http://srpgsoc2015.blogspot.de/

= Documents =

Alessandro Bono (abono) - "Implementation of gnome-document collections dialog"
Location: Biella, Italy
Mentor: Debarshi Ray
Blog: https://itsallaboutfreedom.wordpress.com/

= Evolution =

Oliver Luo (Oliver1992) - "Evolution configuration EExtension for
Exchange ActiveSync"
Location: Beijing, China
Mentor: David Woodhouse
Blog: http://oliverluo.blogspot.de/

= F-Spot =

Valentín Barros (Sanva) - "Finishing the port of F-Spot to use GTK3"
Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Mentor: Stephen Shaw
Blog: http://sanva.net/blog/

= Getting Things Gnome =

Jakub Brindza - "General re-design of Getting Things GNOME"
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Mentor: Izidor Matušov
Blog: http://www.jakubbrindza.com/

= GStreamer =

Marcin Kolny (loganek) - "GStreamer: Refactor a gstdataprotocol
library and create GStreamer's debugger"
Location: Gliwice, Poland
Mentor: Sebastian Dröge
Blog: http://www.cookandcommit.eu/
= GTK+ =

Timm Bäder (baedert) - "Add image viewing widget to GTK+"
Location: Karlsruhe/Stuttgart, Germany
Mentor: Carlos Garnacho
Blog: http://baedert.org/

Arnel A. Borja (arnel/kyoushuu) - "Help Overlay in GTK+"
Location: Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Mentor: Matthias Clasen
Blog: http://www.arnelborja.com/

= Logs =

Jonathan Kang (jkang) - "UI Improvement and New Features
Implementation for Gnome-Logs"
Location: Shijiazhuang, China
Mentor: David King
Blog: http://jkangsc.blogspot.de/

Rashi Aswani (rashi) - "Automated tests for Gnome-logs"
Location: Hyderabad, India
Mentor: David King
Blog: http://aswanirashi.blogspot.in/

= Nautilus =

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (feaneron) - "Add Drive dialog for Nautilus"
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Mentor: Carlos Soriano
Blog: https://feaneron.wordpress.com/

= Nibbles =

Iulian-Gabriel Radu (iulianradu) - "Nibbles: Modernization"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Michael Catanzaro
Blog: https://igradu.wordpress.com/

= Polari =

Bastian Ilso (bastianilso) - "Enhance the chatting experience in Polari"
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Mentor: Florian Müllner
Blog: https://blogs.gnome.org/bastian/

= Privacy =

Andrei Macavei (andreimac) - "GNOME Keysign - make it GNOME-ready"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Tobias Mueller
Blog: http://andreimacavei.blogspot.ro/

Yuuma Sato (yuuma) - "Implement GnuPG pinentry program instead of
GNOME Keyring GnuPG Agent"
Mentor: Stef Walter
Location: Campinas, Brazil
Blog: http://yuumasato.wordpress.com/

George-Cristian Muraru (georgemuraru) - "Disable USB on lockscreen"
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Mentor: Tobias Mueller
Blog: https://georgemuraruc.wordpress.com/

= Shell =

Shivam Mishra (shivam) - "Implementation of Additional Event Sources
for GNOME Shell's Time & Date drop-down"
Location: Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh), India
Mentor: Florian Müllner
Blog: https://somepirate.wordpress.com/

= Usability Testing =

Gina Dobrescu (ginux) - "Usability Testing"
Location: Grenoble, France
Mentor: Jim Hall
Blog: https://ginadobrescu.wordpress.com/

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