Re: Feature Request: Better support opening files with "Editor" and "Reviewer"

Second option looks really interesting! This is already being used in a known propietary OS, and it would be a good idea to have it in GNOME.

I agree with your argumentation: when an user deal with some kind of files (pictures is the most common example) usually needs to edit them, and having an Edit shortcut in the right-popup-menu would be useful and clearer to use.

But this idea implies at least one problem... which program should be used to edit the files? In the propietary OS, the image editing program is included on it, but, for example, Gimp or similar are not included as dependencies in GNOME, so in the case of the image files, having this option in Nautilus should be provided by the editing software itself (which may complicate things) or Nautilus should check if there is any installed program to do such editing (list-based? user-preferences?)...

As an idea I think it's a really good idea, but we should give it a thought about how to make it.

My 2 cents ;)


2015-07-29 5:14 GMT+02:00 Shu Hung (Koala) <koalay gmail com>:
Dear all,

Most files we come across these days (e.g. png graphics, mp4 video, html file) are meant to be consumed in 2 ways: reviewing and editing.

For example, to review a png, you'd simply use an image viewer software (e.g. Shotwell). To edit it, however, you'd probably need an editor (e.g. GIMP). A reviewer is supposed to load up the file quickly and get user to review it as soon as possible. An editor usually loads up much slower with full capability to manipulate the file.


In Nautlius, you can set 1 default application for each filetype. You may open the file with the "Open with XXXXX" option on the right-click menu.

Since there is only 1 default, you can either set the editor or reviewer. Not both. If you want to open it with the other application, you need to use "Open with other application", select the application and press the "Select" button on the top right corner.


There are multiple ways to improve the situation:
  1. Expose the "Other Application" on right click. Instead of having to use the "Open with other application" pop up, user could access the suggested applications through a secondary menu on right click.

    If I remember it correctly, Nautilus used to work like this.

  2. Have Nautilus support 2 different defaults for some file type (if not all): "Editor" and "Reviewer". On the right click menu, shows the action verbs "View" and "Edit" (instead of "Open with XXXXX").
I personally think (2) is a cleaner design, but it introduces more complications into the "File Properties" pop up.

Please tell me what you think. Thanks.

Koala Yeung

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