Re: Looking for speakers for hacknight in Gothenburg on Aug 11th

On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 8:34 AM Andreas Nilsson <lists andreasn se> wrote:
Hi all!
FOSSGBG is a local free software group here in Gothenburg that has
meetups every month or so to discuss various FOSS subjects. They're
having an event on the 11th of August [1].
Since this overlaps with the GUADEC hackdays, the organizers of FOSSGBG
thought it'd be nice to make this edition of their meetup about GNOME.

This is great!  I want to see this happen.

They are looking for people from the GNOME community who would like to
present their work at the meetup. Let me know if you'd like to
volunteer. We'd like to have three 20-30 minutes talks. Subjects that
would be interesting to the audience would be things like app
development, Wayland and privacy.

I would love to see this happen.  I wonder if I can volunteer people. :-)  I can also present on their behalf as well.   But I would like someone to talk about:

1) xdg-app
2) changes in GTK+ - maybe the CSS
3) gnome-builder

Are the ones that come to mind.  Maybe Bastien Nocera has some hardware related type talk that he could talk about?

- Andreas
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