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I don't know why you picked gnome-shell-list and gconf-list for a Vino/Vinagre question; this has nothing to do with gnome-shell, and gconf is a deprecated component that is not being used by vino/vinagre.

Since neither Vino nor Vinagre have a mailing list, you should use desktop-devel-list instead; I Cc'ed it, so let's move the discussion there.


On 13 July 2015 at 11:27, Bart Mariën <bart marien bednet be> wrote:
Hi All,

We're in the progress of migrating 500 machines from debian 7 to 8.
Debian 8 comes with gnome 3.14

We have noticed a small but quite annoying change related to the configuration of the vino service.
We use vino extensively for remote support. Configuration is done with puppet.

In gnome  3.4 all configuration options for vino can be set through gsettings. The vino service has a very practical 'enabled' parameter that we just have to set to true.

In gnome 3.14, the setting is still there, but it doesn't work. When we watch the dconf database, and enable the vino service through the gnome 'sharing' panel, we see that the UUID of the network connection profile (networkmanager) is set in the dconf paramter /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/sharing/vino-server/enabled-connections, which then enables the vino service.

From a management perspective this is not very helpful => you don't know the uuid beforehand...
Any idea's how we can manage the vino service, with making a ugly hack?
These devices aren't multi-user, so we always as which user the settings have to be set. We have full control over the devices and the build process.



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