Atomix maintenance


In lack of active maintenance (last release 9 years ago, namely 2.14.0) I intend to take over the maintenance of the Atomix [1] game from gnome git[2].

As I couldn't reach the previous maintainer, I hereby announce me stepping up as a maintainer of this little game I like since I first saw it a long-long time ago.

In short-term I intend to release Atomix 3.16 with the 3.16 release train (regular releases starting from 3.15.4), with the game ported to GTK3 (90% complete at this moment) and some more bug-fixes, the game being in a relatively good and playable shape in spite of it's age.
Mid-term plans include bringing the game into the modern age, leveraging GNOME3 features we all know and love, and we have seen work well in other recently redesigned gnome games.

If anyone wants to join the party : play the game [3], report bugs and feature requests [4], just for fun.

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