Change in the Clutter Git repository

hi all;

sorry for the cross-posting, but I wanted to notify all the relevant
stakeholders of this.

for the past couple of years, Clutter has been developed off of a
topic branch, while master has been reserved to the development of the
API-incompatible 2.0 series.

since the 2.0 series will likely not happen, and given the confusion
that the layout of the repository induced in new contributors, I
decided to do some surgery on the Git repository.

starting now, Clutter will follow the classic model of "development
happens in master, stable releases are done from topic branches".

the clutter-1.22 branch has been merged into the master branch.

the clutter-1.22 branch will be left alone, until 1.22.0 is released,
at which point it all changes between now and the 1.22 branch point
will be merged back into the clutter-1.22 branch.

given that all the changes on the master branch were either commits in
preparation for 2.0, or cherry picks from clutter-1.* branches, I
opted to just revert them all.

since I only used reverts and merges, there aren't any forced pulls.

I'm going to change jhbuild and gnome-continuous to pull from master
for the current development cycle, as soon as I've thoroughly tested
the change.


[ ] ebassi [ gmail com]

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