Re: OUTAGE:, 09th February (09:00 CET) - 10th February (22:00 CET)

On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 09:58:49AM +0100, Alexandre Franke wrote:
As I already told Sri on IRC yesterday, if anything is wrong with our
current bugzilla, you should start by filing bugs. Then we can start
looking for solutions and someone to implement them. Otherwise we
can't guess what you guys think the problem is.

As well: This is almost the default Bugzilla UI, and yeah, it is that
terrible by default. Read
for the list of things. Loads of overlapping functionality. We've been
using Bugzilla for so long while the UI has not improved much, nor the
way that it works (just received more options or made it less easy to
remove the unneeded functionality). Andre raised it various times, but
they're not really getting it.

Just to classify bugs into various lists you have:
Classifications, Products, Components, Hardware, OS, Keywords, Tags,
Flags, Target Milestone. That's wayyy too many.

During FOSDEM a Mozilla Bugzilla hacker reached out to see if assistance
was needed. We didn't contact yet, but maybe this is better.

BTW: is a heavily customized Bugzilla.
Upstream Bugzilla should just work by default IMO.


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