Re: I want to make a Gnome PC, what integration would you do?

On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 10:54 PM, Jason (spot) Brower
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Yikes, talking about a late response.  I was on vacation, otherwise I
would have answered this.

No not a sales terminal, but a PC, just one model, no options, that would
feature gnome and a selected repository of software.
Something for users that really enjoy as it is totally built for both the
software and hardware.  Something small, with modest specs, but because of
our selection it would work very well with Gnome.  It would be build with a
special version of Ubuntu Linux with the Latest gnome, think of it like
Ubuntu Minimal with Our special selection and setup on top.

How exciting!

If you're talking about something small, do you mean the hardware as
well?  I would have said go with a NUC (note:I'm an Intel employee,
add salt)  Small footprint, and decent specs.  I'm assuming you're
talking about a desktop machine not anything mobile.

As for a distro, you could roll your own if you are looking for
something light.  The vision we want these days is that we want all
apps to come from GNOME Software. You probably want to wait till the
next version of Ubuntu which I believe will finish the port to QT?
(someone from Canonical or Ubuntu want to help me here?)  Right now, a
lot of things are patched and the experience is not pure GNOME.  You
could also use one of the Ubuntu re-spins.

Of course the pc would be open and you cna format and do what you like with
it.  But I just want to sell one model at a time and have a team to help
specialize the gnome experience for users.

Sounds good.

If you had access to a computer like this, what kind of integrations would
you imagine making for it?  Colors, styles, size, etc... even the slightest
feature shouldn't be overlooked.
I have access to some powerful hardware manufacturers, and I want to build
and send a plan out to the companies and investors to take it further.

That's a little hard to quantify, especially on this mailing list.
Most people do some kind of market research for that kind of thing. If
you have that data, then when you do pitch it to hardware
manufacturers, you'll have their full support.  The hardest part of
all of this is of course, making sure you pick manufacturers that are
willing to open source/GPL3 their hardware drivers/hardware.

If you do get traction, the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors would
be interested in how you fare.  Please drop them a note at
board gnome org   We would love to see you be successful in your
venture. :)


Jason Brower

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