Killing the Severity field value "trivial" in Bugzilla

<tl;dr> Might happen soon.

While/after upgrading to Bugzilla 4.4 soon(TM) [1], I would like to get
rid of Bugzilla's "trivial" Severity field value in order to get a
slightly shorter list of confusing choices.

That means it will not be possible anymore to set that Severity value on
a bug report, and I would bump the Severity value //only for those 492
open reports// from "trivial" to "minor" (while ignoring closed ones).

IMHO, "trivial" should be expressed by setting the "gnome-love" keyword.
Plus "trivial" is simply not a severity: A "critical" crasher bug can be
trivial to fix when it's just a typo in a function call.

And so this might just happen if noone speaks up to protest.


(PS: Bikesheds about severity vs priority vs importance vs complexity go
to your new separate thread. I prefer my stuff to be actionable chunks.)

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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