Re: [Builder] Developer experience (DX) hackfest 2016

  > The problem is that we already have an existing method that uses non free
  > software that is easy and does not require expert help to host or join.

Using that method may be easy, but it is harmful to the free software cause.

  > What we were asking for is an alternative free software service that
  > provides a similar setup experience to the non free solution.

We don't know how similar or dissimilar they are, but you can find out
quickly by writing to Mallory Knodel <mallory mayfirst org>.

She said she wants to prepare web pages about this for the GNU
Project, but that make take more time.

  > Telling us that you have experts who can help set it up does not instill
  > confidence in your solution.

An absence of evidence (which is what you have) is not evidence of
anything in particular.  Write to Mallory and get some evidence.

But those details won't change the situation very much, because we
already know that the other "solution" is not a valid solution at all.
A nonfree program isn't a solution, it's the problem.


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