Librsvg 2.40.12 is released

Dear lovers of warm puppies,

I've just released librsvg version 2.40.12.  Librsvg is a library to
render SVG files into raster images.  Just like puppies eat dog food and
turn it into poop, librsvg eats SVGs (even compressed ones!) and turns
them into pixels via an intricate yet exquisite system of organs and

Librsvg 2.40.12 is available here:

SHA256 checksums:

c9da9e0754b6a994c0f7095343e05fbfb930a79dec8da689cfdf57d9350e21f7  librsvg-2.40.12.changes
ffe40c4378bf3899f4d679a475726bab03a127a5bdccddec86404cc329ffb550  librsvg-2.40.12.tar.xz

What's new in this release?

- Benjamin Otte did *great* work in refactoring the test harness to
  use Glib's gtest infrastructure, instead of using home-grown
  machinery.  Tests can simply be put as SVG files in the tests/
  subdirectories; it is not necessary to list them explicitly in some
  text file.  Yay!

- Gzipped SVGs now work if read from streams.

- References to objects/filters/URIs/etc. are now handled lazily.
  Also, there is a general-purpose cycle detector so malformed SVGs
  don't cause infinite loops.  Work by Benjamin Otte.

- Removed parsing of Adobe blend modes; they were not implemented, anyway.

- Fixed bgo#700911 - feComponentTransfer filter functions did not work at all.

- Fixed bgo#630732 - out-of-bounds read in feComponentTransfer with tableValues.

- Fixed bgo#677068 - incorrect reflection points in paths.

Enjoy the puppies,


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