Librsvg 2.40.10 is released

Dear lovers of non-leaky libraries,

Here is a release 2.40.10 of librsvg, the world's only artisanal and
locally-sourced RSVG rendering library.

This is a bugfix release, wherein my Gaussian-blurring code, which had
some important memory leaks, is now fixed courtesy of the ever-amazing
Carlos Garnacho.  Why are we still using C?  Will it rain today?

But not only that!  Menner from the land of Wikimedia has been adding
support for missing features in SVG, and fixing some subtle corner

Librsvg 2.40.10 is available here:

81221de44fac13901771e0312ce647a7c7ff7c9b60e6fa414d748dcd2c4b5c1d  librsvg-2.40.10.changes
965c807438ce90b204e930ff80c92eba1606a2f6fd5ccfd09335c99896dd3479  librsvg-2.40.10.tar.xz

- Fixed bgo#748608 - Memory leak when Gaussian-blurring.  Thanks to
  Carlos Garnacho for fixing my leaky code.
- Fixed bgo#739329 - font-family attributes with singly-quoted names
  were not handled correctly, yielding incorrect fonts.  Patch by Menner.
- Fixed bgo#476507 - Path start/end markers didn't have the correct angle
  if the path was a curve with coincident control points.  Patch by Menner.
- Fixed bgo#688689 - Support font-style="normal" within a non-normal
  styled text block.  Patch by Paolo.
- Fixed builddir != srcdir.  Patch by Matthias Clasen.
- Remove a bunch of deprecated GTK+ calls.
- This version of librsvg requires GTK+ 3.10.0, which is, ahem, only two years old.
  We previously required a version of GTK+ which is four years old.  Out with
  the old, in with the old.



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