Re: Binary compatibility and padding

On Sat, 2015-04-11 at 15:43 +0200, Juan R. Garcia Blanco wrote:

In GNOME Dictionary 3.16.0, _GdictDefboxClass provided four members that
are function pointers 'for future expansion'. If I understand this
correctly, these four extra members act as a place holder in case we
want to add a new meaningful function pointer member, therefore removing
one of the extra ones. This is done in order to provide binary
compatibility I think.

On the road to GNOME Dictionary 3.16.1, I have added a new signal to
GdictDefbox, therefore adding a new function pointer member to
_GdictDefboxClass, but I have not removed any of the extra members. So
my question is: should I remove one of the extra members to preserve
binary compatibility? Or should I just simply increment LT_VERSION

You should remove one of the padding members, otherwise the size of the
GdictDefboxClass structure has changed, and binary compatibility is


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