GNOME 3.14 Blocker Report (week 36)

== at-spi ==

Using AtspiCollection to match via interfaces seems broken and causes crashes
  Crash should be fixed (commit bb89b1), but more cleanup work listed in last comment

== cogl ==

glx_event_filter_cb: SIGSEGV
  Looks like Jasper and alexl are on it.

== glib ==

Failing read() causing flood of GNetworkMonitor::network-changed signals
  Waiting for strace output by Elad.

== gnome-backgrounds ==

Review and clear up license for photos and code
  Looks like all authors have provided agreements?

== gnome-initial-setup ==

Window seems very tall

== gnome-photos ==

gnome-photos: g_str_hash(): gnome-photos killed by SIGSEGV
  Stacktrace available.

== gnome-shell ==

warnings (and eventually a crash) when dragging window from a workspace thumbnail
  Some patches by Carlos awaiting review.

== gnome-themes-standard ==

Many high contrast SVG icons are red circles
  Needs decision whether to drop those items or not?

== gnome-tweak-tool == 'version'
  Patch provided by reporter, needs review.

== gtk+ ==

treeview: column drop target visualization broken
  Older WIP patch attached by mclasen but needs more work.

== mutter ==

crashes related to modal windows on 2nd screen
  Reporter provided more feedback; needs to get replied to.

Gnome+Wayland can't resize windows
  Needs further investigation; cursor theme related?

===Further bugs that might be good to fix / take a look at:===

== adwaita-icon-theme ==

Spinner has ghosting artifacts (alpha issue with xcursorgen)

== gnome-online-accounts ==

Google Online Account Password Unexpectedly Fails

== gnome-settings-daemon ==

use IBus 1.5 api when obtain keyboard variant & option.

== gsettings-desktop-schemas ==

Location Service should be disabled by default

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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