Initial 3.16 Target Bugs

Hi all,

As promised, here is an initial list of 3.16 target bugs. These are
being maintained by the Release Team and me, and will be used as the
basis of the 3.16 blocker list.

For this initial round, we're focusing on the most annoying bugs, on
presenting content nicely, and making sure that we have a good out of
the box experience. Some maintainers will need help getting these bugs
fixed before the next release, so please consider helping out.

I'll try and post regular updates as the list evolves, but you can
also follow along via Bugzilla [1].





gnome-control-center - Move Bluetooth sharing to the Bluetooth panel

Evolution-Data-Server - Spurious certificate dialogs

gnome-photos - use a more subtle image for when loading thumbnail

gnome-photos - better performing thumbnails

gnome-software - doesn't show updates when there are updates

gnome-user-share - Nautilus infobar for personal file sharing is ambiguous

gtk+ - Half-maximized CSD apps don't get a drop shadow drawn

totem - Error handling improvements

totem - Automatically group videos from the same series

Yelp - Home page isn't very attractive / engaging

folks - Store state about enabled BlueZ persona stores

gnome-music - Visible content loading

bijiben - Popover placement issues

Evolution-Data-Server - Gnome shell keeps poping modal dialog for gmail password

gnome-documents - Use separate views for collections and documents in
the overview

gnome-documents - List view looks messy

gnome-software - Allow apps to install codecs through Software

nautilus - Tooltip display for last item makes item uneditable (when
not using status bar)

totem - Properties should be available from overview

gnome-software - list of updates disappears after removing an app

gnome-shell - Wi-Fi password dialog pops up without invitation

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