Re: libgsystem build failure on FreeBSD

於西元2014年05月02日 (週五) 21時13分06秒,Colin Walters寫到:

On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 11:51 PM, 藍挺瑋 <lantw44 gmail com> wrote:
Build log: There
is no libattr on FreeBSD. Can we make -DGSYSTEM_CONFIG_XATTRS
optional through a configure option?

I'd prefer if gnome-shell lost the dependency on it and copied the
gsystem-log.[ch] files internally along with the systemd detection for

Right now there's other API in libgsystem that's only going to work on
Linux, and I'm not really interested in making it a portability mess
right now.

OK, I has reported this problem on gnome-shell bugzilla.

However, gnome-shell currently does not build on non-Linux system
because mutter hard-depends on systemd.

The long term vision is that at least the logging functionality
migrates to glib.  There's some research that needs to be done for
that, so it makes sense to prototype it out higher in the stack before
migrating down.

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