Re: A last look at blocker bugs

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 6:54 AM, alex diavatis
<alexis diavatis gmail com> wrote:

Why Wayland support for GtkClutterEmbed [1] was excluded from the list?

Will this get fixed in 3.12.x cycle (if possible), or will you push the
patches in 3.13.x?
As far as I have tested it, with that bug you can't use Totem, GNOME Games,
and possible more important apps under Wayland Session.

The blocker list is an instrument to focus on bugs that need to be
fixed before we can release, not a final arbiter for what can or will
go into 3.12.0 or even 3.12.x. I've dropped it from the list because I
don't think it needs to block the release anymore, now that we've
decided that Wayland will be a preview.

If you attach your fix to the bug, we'll get it in for 3.12.0 !

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