Re: Qt5 keyboard layout changing

On 12/03/14 09:56 PM, Hubert Figuière wrote:
On 12/03/14 09:11 PM, Leslie S Satenstein wrote:
I've raised a bugzilla report with Gnome for either the tweak program or other, as one cannot set a non 
US layout to include the Euro.  
You can set right-Alt to be <compose> and use that.

I have to stand corrected.

It works for me because I did it a 2.5 years ago and kept upgrading the

But today I can't seem to find how to change that anymore in Gnome 3.10
Like it has been removed from the settings.[1]


[1] This is Fedora 20, not sure how different this is from upstream, but
closer than some other distro, for sure.

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