another look at blocker bugs

Here's another look at the list of bugs marked as 3.12 blockers:

723085 Clutter's event handling can get "stuck" under ClutterGTK+
| looks like a complicated issue, and only reported with a 'fringe' wm, so maybe
| best to defer

695737 Add wayland support
| since we are treating wayland as a preview for 3.12, maybe not a
blocker. Would
| still be nice to get some eyes onto this. Your chance to help out
the wayland port!

724916 gio unmount code makes XFCE's Thunar crash
| Patch available, waiting for testing and confirmation. If you are using GNOME
| on OpenBSD, your chance to help out!

710211 gnome-shell crashes when searching for application with corrupt
.desktop file
| debugging needed. The bug has nice reproduction instructions

712706 Suspend on idle broken by gnome-shell resetting idletime
| pretty clear analysis in the bug. Patch needed

725340 Don't show network-offline in the top bar
| patch needed, should be relatively easy

721459 Maximize without title bar causes fullscreen
| patch needed

704844 dismissing a notification from an action button doesn't
correctly hide the close button
| debugging needed

725089 Cairo context sent to the "draw" signal handler has incorrect
clipping with GTK+ 3.10
| may not easily be fixable. Affects eclipse

725864 Add GtkPopover a11y
| patch almost ready to land

698730 tooltip: Fix possible wrong placement
| may not easily be fixable.

723552 Handle touch events, even if minimally
| patch available, almost ready to land

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