Coordination for developer documentations


It's been proved again in recent hackfests, we have a really great
team writing user documentations, and thanks have to be given to
Shaun, and now Kat, for coordinating the effort.

On the other hand we have absolutely no coordination for developer
docs, I maintain with the little time I have,
Aleksander helps with Devhelp, there are some punctual changes from
various persons, David maintains gnome-devel-docs, Tomeu did work on
generating python documentation from gobject-introspection a while
ago, Giovanni did it for gjs recently, Jon improved markdown support
in gtk-doc, etc. but all this happens without coordination and it
happens people step on each other's toes, and it hurts.

Developer documentation will be a topic during the Developer
Experience Hackfest, but I believe we will fail again to provide
lasting effects if nobody takes on a coordination role.

So, are you interested?


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