Re: system Desktop notifications

On 23/06/14 22:10, Rolf Fokkens wrote:
Let me refrase my question: Wouldn't it be useful that some system
related messages (backups, SMART...) are presented to "whom it

I'm sure it would, and I don't oppose someone designing and implementing
it; but I don't think the D-Bus session bus API originated by
notification-daemon and reimplemented by GNOME Shell is the right solution.

Possible parts of the right solution include:

* broadcasts on the D-Bus system bus ("push" notifications that go to
  anyone who wants to see them, cannot have access-control beyond that,
  and are not logged for future reference)

* syslog or the Journal (a log that can persist between sessions or even
  between reboots, currently lacking "push" notifications, has
  comprehensive filesystem-based access-control)

* [insert other ideas here]

* some combination of the above


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