Heads up: package.js merged in gjs master

Hi everyone

This is a heads up that I merged package.js in gjs master, and it will
be in the 3.13.4 release on Monday. The currently known users,
gnome-weather and gnome-sound-recorder, have been updated as well.

For those that don't know about it, package.js is a module aimed at
making it easier to write and develop gjs apps, without fighting the
autotools all the time or waiting to install the app.

You can see the full detailed specification of the conventions an app
must adhere to use it at https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Gjs/Package,
or you can just download a template app from
https://github.com/gcampax/gtk-js-app and start playing with it.

The aim is to standardize the difference between the various JS apps:
currently there is gnome-documents-style (bash launcher script, used
by gnome-documents and polari), gnome-maps-style (C binary, used by
gnome-maps and gnome-shell-extension-tool/portal-helper) and
gnome-weather-style (package.js, used by gnome-weather and
gnome-sound-recorder, and now official). One should not need to
understand bash or C to write a JS app.

It also somehow encourages a "single application ID" format, where
everything is installed with reverse DNS names, which should make the
transition to bundled/sandboxed applications easier, and is explicitly
designed around dbus activatable apps, while still allowing to develop
and test the app without even installing it once (which is something
all IDEs for other platforms get right, and we don't)

So if you have some spare time, please go ahead and take a look at it,
comments are welcome, on the specification, the implementation. And of
course integration with Anjuta or GNOME Builder (if only to set up a
working template) would be awesome.



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