Translating GObject properties names and descriptions

Hi again,

GObject properties names and descriptions are usually translatable (and 
translated) for tools like gtk parasite or glade. It seems that it has 
always been like that. But is there a really good reason?

GObject properties are targetted to the developers. All our APIs are 
written in English, so why do we make an exception for properties?  
Developers generally work in English. The translations are more 
targetted to the users, not the developers.

Moreover, those strings can be hard to translate without the context.  
And mistranslations are misleading. A lot of technical words should not 
be translated, it is more understandable with the English words (and can 
refer to other parts of the API).

So, it is a lot of work for translators without much gain.

Do you think it is a good idea to remove the _() around the strings?

Best regards,

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