Re: UI Freeze Blockers

On Fri, 2014-02-14 at 09:43 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
Hi all,

UI freeze is Monday, and there's a bunch of bugs [1] that it would be
nice to get fixed before then. Here's my top ten:

 * 720946 gnome-control-center: Details panel - 'Install Updates'
button is not working

FWIW, this is broken in GNOME 3.10 in Fedora 20 as well, as it ships
with an early version of GNOME Software.

 * 723729 gnome-documents: "Loading..." string is too far from the spinner
 * 695010 gnome-shell: special case launching terminals [there are patches here]
 * 722898 gnome-shell: Offer update install from the shutdown button
 * 723760 gnome-software: Automatic star ratings [there's a
contingency plan in here too]
 * 710109 gnome-software: Nicer standalone package installation
 * 721622 gnome-themes-standard: Headerbar image-buttons are 1px
larger than text-buttons
 * 723677 gnome-themes-standard: GtkActionBar looks bad
 * 707999 gtk+: HeaderBar height increases when the subtitle label is
set and visible
 * 723823 totem: View switcher should remain visible while search is active

Will fix that last one.

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