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Hi All;

It seems to me that the "marriage" that Microsoft & Apple enjoy per hardware
designed for their software gives them a huge advantage. I see that the
Linux community is quite good at coming up with drivers, software, etc for
hardware after the fact.

I wonder, what could be accomplished if a Linux based distro had the same
advantage?  I'm in the early stages of researching just such a company.

Quite a bit.  Vertical integration is all the rage now.  So, it would
be great to be able to have an accord between GNOME and a hardware

We'll be setting up some infrastructure around community involvement and
feedback, however I'd be interested in any initial feedback you all have.

You have a challenging road ahead of you.  Like we are working on a
product, likewise you will need to come up with a laptop or desktop
that has the kind of appeal that Apple has.  Of course that means
having some designers and engineers that know how to create a
compelling laptop shell with the right mix of features.

I'm thinking that the OS would remain fully open source (GPL) and we'd
license the hardware specs in the same way.

Can you go into some detail on licensing the hardware spec?

Then we could release laptops & desktops that truly have an advantage. The
company would couple a solid Linux distro with it's own tweaks (polish &
branding & such) coupled with our own hardware.

I suggest you contact the folks at Zareason who have been also been
making laptops and desktops specifically for GNU/Linux.  It would be
really great to see a joint venture, maybe one person comes up with a
design and the other creates them?  I'm not sure having competing
companies at this venture is a good idea given how small the market

I suspect that instead of waiting for the current HW vendors to release new
hardware and then quickly figure out how to interface with it we can put
effort into polish and functionality and quickly become the trend setters
for MS and Apple to follow.

You're not really out of the woods.  You'll always be one generation
behind as support for new hardware will initially be for Windows (or I
suppose Apple, but they dont' have that problem) and it's always been
hard to get Linux support for non-main line hardware.  Unless of
course you can leverage a large number of customers to be able to use
the market to force them to make drivers.

Anyways, good luck!  For further reading, please consider reading here:



Thanks in advance
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