Re: Underlying DE for the Fedora Workstation product

On Tue, 2014-02-04 at 13:09 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out with your ideas. I'm afraid that you're
catching us at a bad time - we are really close to UI freeze and a lot
of us are working flat out on that. I personally don't have much time
to spare on mailing lists right now. :)

Can you explain what the GNOME 2 sub-project would actually look like?
It's hard to respond without knowing details about how it would
actually work. I understand that you are proposing to utilise some
GNOME 3 modules, but how would it differ? Would it have a 3.x
gnome-control-center? Would it have a shell? If not, which pieces
would you use instead? Would you expect the GNOME project to make
regular GNOME 2 releases alongside GNOME ones? Would we work to ensure
we produce quality GNOME 2 releases as well as GNOME 3 releases? How
would we market these two experiences? What would we recommend to

The main question for me would be, why would we want a "GNOME 2"-like
sub-project in GNOME when we dropped support for a very similar
interface, the fallback mode.

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