spring cleaning in gtk-doc for next-next verison (1.21)


while a gtk-doc 1.20 is brewing with some awesome stuff coming, I like
to remove some legacy features in the cycle afterwards.

1) I'd like to remove 'gtkdoc-scanobj'.
This was used to introspect gtk-objects. The makefile fragments shipped
with gtk-doc aren't calling this for years (since gtkdoc-scanjobj was

2) I'd like to remove 'gtkdoc-mktmpl'.
In the old days, gtk-doc works so that it extracted symbol information
from sources and created files under 'tmpl/'. This is where the code was
documented. Then gtk-doc parsed these files and created the docbook
files. A bit later gtk-doc started to support documentation inside the
sources. When I started to send patches to gtk-doc both ways were
supported. My first patches added support for having the remaining docs
in the sources as well. This makes the tmpl files based workflow
obsolete, but therefore all the docs have to be in the sources. This has
several advantages (keeping things up-to-date, not having generated
files in git, faster etc.).

I did some quick checking in my jhbuild checkout dir:
find . -name "configure.*" -exec grep -Hn "GTK_DOC_CHECK" {} \; | grep
-v "flavour[ =]no-tmpl" | egrep -v ":#" | wc -l
find . -wholename "*/tmpl" | sort | wc -l

I could make a gnome goals style page for this. Does that sound good?


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