Glade release to include GtkHeaderBar?

Is this cycle's release of glade/libglade going to include
GtkHeaderBar?  I looked through the git history and I didn't see
anything in there that indicated that anytihng was done.


shows some progress.  But it seems we have missed the cut off for
this.  If it is a problem with developer resources, perhaps I can try
to find someone who is willing to help out provided there is a mentor?

We're a little behind, from what I understand the following widgets
from 3.10 onwards have not been implemented.  From the TODO:

* GMenu/GMenuModel (<menu> GtkBuilder element)
Because GMenu is in Glib library it can not implement GtkBuildable iface which
is in GTK+ this lead to implementing GMenu object construction in GtkBuilder
using a custom element <menu>
Ideally we should move GtkBuilder and GtkBuildable to Glib and rename them
GBuilder and GBuildable so that we can implemet GBuildable in GMenu object
A way to avoid this would be to create a new object type in GTK that derives
from GMenu say GtkMenuObject (GtkMenu is already taken ;) and make it implement
GtkBuildable iface.
* GAction, GSimpleAction, GActionGroup
GTK+ 3.4
* GtkApplication (add buildable iface to support GMenuModel?¿)
GTK+ 3.10
* GtkHeaderBar
* GtkSearchBar
* GtkStack
* GtkStackSwitcher
GTK+ 3.12
* GtkActionBar
* GtkFlowBox
* GtkPopover
* centered child in GtkBox

I'm a little worried that we have not made any progress on this and we
continue to make designing and creating GNOME/GTK 3 apps harder for
yet another cycle.


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