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Le 2013-09-24 19:27, Ray Morris a écrit :
Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> said:

You're making a lot of assumptions here. When this story broke it was on the basis of two commits, and had no other background information.

I've read some of the discussion. The news stories did pick up on
context menu, making it a non-default setting, etc.
It does appear that there is additional background I haven't located
any record of.  I'm not making any assumptions 
about what that may be.  I have read discussion of making things
easier for new users, the key word "discoverable" 
is used more than once on the page about the proposal, etc.  Based on
the available background, I'm pointing out a 
principle that is true globally.  For any system that will be used
many times, over a period of time, it is false economy |
to make it simpler in the beginning by making it harder in the long run. 

There's a pdf document somewhere about gnome design foundations (I can't
find it now, but probably I found it on [2], where you can read a quote
which states something like "be usable for new users, hackable for power users,
but optimize for middle users".

So I guess gnome designers are aware of this.

As far as I concerned, I like the middle click paste, but I think there are way to improve the copy/paste functions, sometime you inadvertency select something and as a result you don't paste what you want. To my mind, an ideal solution would include a way to paste one of the, say, ten last copied items.
But on the other hand, you don't want to cluter the interface…


The interface we're using right now, English, is a great example.
Suppose someone proposed simplifying English so 
that it could be learned completely in six months, that we remove any
words or language constructs not used by 
six-month-olds babies? That would of course be ridiculous.

But it does exits and you even have a "simple English" wikipedia version[1].


 We want
the interface we're using to be deep, to have more and 
more power we can discover over time.  Just as young children learn
"mama", then later learn "maternal", new users can 
use ctrl-c/ ctrl-v, until they learn more.  (Though ctrl-c is of
course a _terrible_ habit on Linux.  The same keystroke is used both
for copying data and for immediately killing the program with extreme
prejudice, losing all data.)
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