Re: Middle click, "dumbing down" Slashdotted

Ray Morris <webmastersguide2000 yahoo com> wrote:
Not be be a jerk, but can you seriously post that with a straight face? ... didn't turn up anything about 
the middle mouse button until last week
and that bugzilla has several people begging that the behavior not be changed. I don't see how that can be 
considered a "proposal" or "discussion"

The bugzilla commit completely disabled middle-yank, so yes that appears to be a proposal to change the 
It was temporarily reverted with the message "we'll defer this change until the next cycle". The way that's
worded, it sounds like it's not just a proposal to do so, it's a decision to do so.

According to the record, what we had was a commit that actually eliminated the functionality (by default),
followed by _discussion_ (Mathias' word) between Mathias, Allan and Jakup to delay it. The committer 
considered it a "discussion", that's what he called it.  You may disagree with his wording, but I suspect he
did in fact post that with a straight face.

When we discussed this, we talked about a range of things that we want
to address in the 3.12 cycle, including a fleshed-out design for text
selections, new text insertion functionality, and the need to have
public discussion. It certainly wasn't simply a question of "should we
remove it now or in 6 months time?"

Hastily written one line commit message won't give you much insight,
and will always be misleading if you read too much into them. So again
- please don't jump to conclusions, and give us chance to publish a
more detailed plan.


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