Re: launch gnome-panel when gnome-session starts

2013/10/14 Marc des Garets <marc ttux net>:

I don't find how to launch gnome-panel when gnome starts. I have tried to
add an entry in gnome-session-properties without success.

So far I run: gnome-panel --replace after gnome has started.

You can't run gnome-panel togheter with gnome-shell (they both claim
the org.gnome.Panel dbus name), so you'd need to define a different
.session file in /usr/share/gnome-session, referencing
gnome-panel.desktop instead of gnome-shell.desktop (as well as some
WM, for example mutter.desktop)

But this seems a little out of scope for this mailing list, which is
for development discussions of GNOME. You should look at a different
forum for user help.



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