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On Sun, 2013-09-29 at 12:34 -0700, Leslie S Satenstein wrote:
So, we also look at the memory consumption in my 1 gig notebook, and
see that 1/3 of it is to support icon presentation.  

On my box it is 1563MiB or RAM (`free --mega`), albeit with Evolution,
Epiphany, and gnome-terminal open. Memory usage is the natural
consequence of desktop effects and polish.

How many clicks on average does it take to find a program whose name
you don't recall?

4/5 if you use the mouse. If you don't know the name, just type in what
kind of app or what category it is, e.g. editor->gedit(enter). A good
maintainer will ship a .desktop file that contains a set of relevant

And when you change things because you think they are better, it is
not that we are resistant to change, we are resistant to fiddling
because of boredom.

Is that what you think the Gnome devs are basing their decisions on?
Your status as an "experienced Information Technology specialist."
should really tell you otherwise

I suspect, and I am not sure why, but Gnome will be forked, and
something better will arise.

It has[0][1][3], if they are better (in your opinion), then use them. If
not, then what does that say when three forks of a desktop can't get it

How did we get on to this anyway?

[0] http://mate-desktop.org/
[1] http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/
[3] SolusOS Consort (no project or source code page)

Marco Scannadinari <marco scannadinari co uk>

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