Re: tracker 0.16 vs 0.18

On 25/11/13 11:30, Matthias Clasen wrote:
Carlos released 0.17 at my request before I learned that the tip of the
0.16 branch works with current upower too. I've then done a 0.16.4
tarball and used that for the 0.11.2 release. But as Debarshi points
out, there are some features in tracker master that some of our
applications want to use in 3.12, so we should consider switching to master.

Thank you for doing the release Matthias, I meant to do this, but my baby girl was born last week and that took priority ;)

Anyway, I should have some time this week to look at the project more closely and do more patch review and maintenance generally.

Thank you and Carlos for helping out, much appreciated!


Founder & Director @ Lanedo GmbH.

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