Re: JHBuild doesn't download iso-codes

On Wed, 2013-11-20 at 17:25 +0100, Martin Pitt wrote:
Nikita Churaev [2013-11-20 20:20 +0400]:
*** Checking out iso-codes *** [20/28]
curl --continue-at - -L
-o /home/lamefun/gnome/iso-codes-3.33.tar.bz2

alioth has been down for about two weeks due to some hardware
catastrophies. The "new" alioth is just coming back, it might not yet
have all the services back yet. If you click on this URL in a browser,
you'll see the "not found" error message.

Please just wait a few days until alioth is fully back.

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Still doesn't download. Could GNOME developers mirror it until the
official download becomes available again?

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