Re: DBus session services and logging

On 21/11/13 20:18, Colin Walters wrote:

... which is in D-Bus 1.7.x, the development branch, but not in 1.6.x,
the stable branch.

This might be a good time to say: if you are shipping that branch in
something that will become a stable distribution in future (e.g. the
unreleased next version of Ubuntu/Fedora/...), please ask D-Bus upstream
for a 1.8 stable branch at an appropriate time, with enough advance
warning that when we release it, you won't refuse to integrate it
because of a code freeze.

I update stable branches, and I'm happy enough to do a new stable branch
every 6 months or so if the next version of GNOME/KDE/etc. has started
relying on new stuff - but I don't support outdated development versions
(not even for security bugs), so if you end up with x.odd.z in your
stable distribution, you'll have to maintain it yourself as a mini-fork.
(Please don't.)


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